About Mauricio


About Mauricio

Maurice takes his yoga seriously, but his personal warmth brings great lightness and humour into his classes. It’s a compelling combination that has created a loyal following of happy students! A native Chilean, Maurice has lived in Australia for 35 yrs and has been teaching his extremely popular Hatha, Restorative, Seniors, Vinyasa and Ashtanga style classes in Sydney since 2005.

Maurice has been studying Ashtanga yoga for over 15 years and have been practicing for over 24 years, he is certified as a level 3 yoga teacher (The highest attainable level in Australia) and is a member of YA  ( Yoga Australia) and IYTA (International yoga Teachers Association)

When and why did you start doing yoga?

 Way back in 1995 I found myself going through a tough time! I had a friend who told me that yoga was a fantastic way to see things as they really are and that it was a great way to find clarity and meet beautiful genuine people. This was the beginning of change for me as it helped me realize my full potential as a person and realize how much I was able to improve myself so I could become a better man!

Since then I did yoga teacher training at Qi Yoga, where I trained with senior teachers such as Joan Miller, Mark O'Brien and Nikola Ellis and became a Yoga teacher in 2005. I undertook an apprenticeship with Debra Grant and  pursued further studies at Nature Care College in Ayurvedic Healing and in Puna, India at the AYRM (Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Massage Therapy) as an Ayurvedic massage therapist. I have done further studies with the likes of International Teachers such as Eileen Hall, Richard Freeman, Mark Robberds, Danny Paradise, Mark O'Brien, Matthew Sweeney, Rami Sivan, Shaun Matthews and ongoing studies in Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama and Asana, including ongoing further training for over 13 years with Eileen Hall (certified Ashtanga Teacher/ Mentor) at Yoga Moves in Sydney. Australia.

What do you love most about yoga?

 I love everything about yoga, how I am able to integrate every breath with every single movement, how it brings me into stillness and the peaceful feeling that fills me physically and mentally after every practice session. I love the discipline that it's required of me to put myself on my mat and the results that I have been able to achieve as a person - mentally, spiritually and physically.

Yoga helps me every day. It has made me a better listener and has helped me be more compassionate. It has greatly improved my level of tolerance and it has opened my heart to give and receive love, understand and to forgive! And it helps me everyday to let go of what has happened and learn to live the NOW and to always do things with integrity and with good intentions!

Teaching allows me to share every single thing I have learned and felt through my own practice:  the joy and happiness, achievements, feelings, thoughts, disappointments and how important it is to teach with safety and integrity whilst respecting boundaries and allowing time, dedication, patience and discipline to guide you through this beautiful journey.

What advice will you give to a beginner student?

 To learn to let go of the ego (Yoga's worst nightmare!) Yoga is not about being flexible but rather we are here to teach the mind how to be still! Yoga is about inner observance and inner acceptance - it is ok not to be flexible. Yoga is about finding your own inner boundaries and respecting these boundaries. Physical flexibility is an extra added bonus that will eventually happen with time!