Julie Dimond

In a nutshell, my life credo is to love and learn ~ to dive wholeheartedly into the adventure of life with courage, creativity, compassion...and a healthy dose of humour!

 I've always been fascinated with what it means to be human.  From a young age I pursued acting, a wonderful way to explore the variety and complexities of life.  I completed a Bachelor Degree majoring in Film and Media Studies, and a Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree in Theatre. I have also been teaching yoga since 2003 and am a certified Level Three Senior Yoga Teacher (the highest attainable level recognised in Australia).  Yoga is all about self-realisation ~ a challenging quest!  Exploring and connecting with what it means to be our totally unique, awesome selves ~ our true selves.  I hold an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching from The Life Coaching College (TLCC), which is recognised by The International Coaches Federation (ICF).