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Yoga & Life Coaching
October 4th - 11th 2019


Northern NSW Personal Retreat


Wanting to find even more clarity and positive outlook in life? Wishing to improve your personal and intimate relationships? Or perhaps just looking at developing your own yoga practice and learning new teaching techniques?

Maybe just seeking support or mentor-ship?

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The Hip Opening Project

May 18th At Qi Yoga Manly


Join Maurice in this fun hip-opening workshop and gain a deeper understanding on the physiology and anatomy of your hips and the importance of safe hip-opening movements to develop your yoga practice. The hips are the central -and pivotal- joint in the body for our entire posture.
It is believed that when hip and Psoas muscles are nourished and healthy it helps with lower spine, pelvic floor and respiratory diaphragm stability and health. It is also helpful to help keep the knees healthy.

On a subtle-body level, hip opening helps to link us to the earth, helping to balance and stabilize our emotions and our concepts about our predicaments and our mental and emotional states.
Learning to release the hips and psoas allows a deeper meditative awareness of the body and allows us to 

Ayurvedic Yoga masage therapy

Breath, Touch, Movement, Visualization



New dates announced for May the 14th & 17th 2019

Limited spaces, Bookings essential

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