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         Yoga Citta Vriti Nirodha

(Yoga is about stopping the fluctuations of the mind )  


The practice of Yoga relates specifically to the union and synchronization of many different things that allow the mind, body and spirit to experience incredible feelings of compassion, understanding, self acceptance and most importantly clarity. 

Yoga is a living art; it is a means of moving, breathing, thinking, expanding and contracting, evolving, interacting and synchronizing within the complex, ever-changing landscape of the world within and around us.

As Yogis we strive to find these patterns and as we do this often we miss the tools that are needed to find a true meaningful practice, we come to the Yoga mat not being aware of what Yoga really is all about hence making the approach confusing and at times difficult.

The approach to the practice requires a willingness to invite and be with not knowing. It encourages us to show up ready and eager to meet whatever arises. Perhaps most importantly, it demands the mental, physical and emotional ability to make openhearted changes to evolve, learn to let go and while finding clarity learn to become a better human being.

  Yoga is not about being flexible but rather we are here to teach the mind how to be still! Yoga is about inner observance and inner acceptance - it is ok not to be flexible. Yoga is about finding your own inner boundaries and respecting these boundaries. Physical flexibility is an extra added bonus that will eventually happen with time!

Teacher Training 2019

At the deepest level we want to be happy and to feel connected. This connection gives meaning to everything, and Yoga is one of the most effective tools to achieve this.

Grasp a unique opportunity to explore your yoga path with one of Sydney’s most-respected and longest-established teacher-training schools to find happiness and connection in your life.

Develop your personal practice and understanding of yoga while learning how to teach yoga with our passionate teachers in a safe, supportive environment.

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